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"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent" 

In India, today, we observe that there is deep ignorance of our rich musical traditions and lack of discerning music appreciation amongst the youth.

There is a strong need to preserve and propagate the true essence of Indian music and elevate the musical tastes of audiences. Mohinderjit Singh believes that a good composer should be a master, and not a slave of public opinion.

With this objective, Shri Mohinderjit Singh established Satvikaa, an institution for preserving, propagating, and creating soulful, authentic, Indian music.

Guruji, as he is lovingly called, has been disseminating in-depth training and knowledge of hindustani music to his disciples and has been enchanting music lovers for the longest time with his unsurpassable broad vision of classical ragas.

Satvikaa, not only functions as a Gurukul to teach aspiring singers the true essence of music, it also aims to impact the music ecosystem by popularising light music with heart and soul, while being firmly rooted in Indian classical Raagas.

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