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Singing Omkar and its benefits

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Omkar ki sadhna, jiska hai nit naim,

akshar barse baad mein, pehle barse prem

– Sant Gyaneshwar

Practising the sound of Om leads to achieving all round purity.

After years of practice of singing Om and meditating on this sound, it becomes an inner experience. With this experience, the singer can project the music as if on a screen, giving it an individual shape and form.

That which is above the navel and below the heart is called ‘Paraa’ or the diaphragm. Human breathing is of two kinds, chest and stomach breathing. Stomach breathing is referred to as diaphragmatic breathing

The Diaphragm contracts while breathing. This creates a vacuum in the lung cavity and air is pulled in. The extension of the stomach while breathing is the true sign of diaphragmatic breathing.

99% of people breathe from their nose and fill their chest cavity. Omkaar sadhana helps in getting rid of chest breathing. It helps the voice to have more power, weight, well roundedness, clarity, sharpness, shine, timbre and effortlessness. This is possible only by Shadaj Saadhana through Omkar.

Singing Omkaar with diaphragmatic breathing can cure many diseases especially throat ailments because of the powerful vibrations of Omkar

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